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AT A GLANCE – Real Estate, Content Strategy, One Product E-Commerce & Mo

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Here are some highlighted posts and thoughts from our Google+ page for the past couple months.


We ran into a funny issue with Bing Business; they wouldn’t allow Google+ pages to be listed, but it’s fixed when you use the long version of the URL and not the vanity URL:

Google+ on Bing Business


One Product E-commerce Websites can have different strategies for checkout. I outline the 4 options I found.
We decided on option C using WooCommerce

Why the Yellow Pages Don’t Work Anymore other than being used as booster chairs for kids

Content for Boring Industries is made fun by expanding content scope, focusing on the experience and adding solve the problem/FAQ types of questions

Writer’s Block Ideas found here to help with getting the content on your website started

Content Strategy for Real Estate Agents should focus on the real estate agent and not the listings

Google Testing Enhanced Reviews in results