Web Development

Web Development

Custom Website Development Focused on Human Interactions.


Throughout the initial discovery and web design phase, we are always mindful of how the site will be interacted with by its visitors. Whether it’s a potential customer interacting with a quoting calculator or the business owner using bespoke web-based tools to manage their orders, a user experience (UX) focused design approach is foremost for Motava’s web development team. We program speedy, efficient applications designed for daily use in open source software or within our own proprietary systems.


The Motava programming team specializes in many popular coding languages.
Our team’s core programming competency is in PHP with MySQL database supported and accentuated with Flash, AJAX and Javascript elements for user experience enhancements.

Our programming team also has an extensive background in coding with JSP and Java.

Content Management Systems

With each site we build, we integrate a content management system or CMS on the back-end for easy content creation and management. We’ve worked with all the major content management and blogging systems including WordPress, Concrete5 and Drupal.

For advanced, customized websites, we’ve developed mPanel: our own intuitive CMS framework. mPanel is ideal for websites that require a custom bespoke content management system with a great amount of custom functionality to manage more than just the website content of a business. Advanced applications of mPanel include: interactive online quoting, inventory management, online scheduling, account management and more. We’ve worked with hundreds of various custom online applications and can assist you in building and optimizing an online system to help run your business.

E-Commerce Website Development

We’ve worked with all the major systems that manage online stores, taking them from out of the box solutions to an e-commerce powerhouse when coupled with our website optimization services.  Some of the systems we’ve worked with but are not limited to include WooCommerce, Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce and Pinnacle Cart.

Web Programming Specialties

Our team’s specialty is custom website development geared towards business process optimization. We analyze a company’s business processes and built feature-rich web applications to automate and simplify the day-to-day operations of a business.

Custom Applications We’ve Built

motava-dark-bullet-icon-15We’ve built several online quoting systems and online quoting wizards. These involved complex calculators based on visitor inputs that generate proprietary specifications and costs for the input basis. We’ve built quoting systems both behind a secure login and on a front end.

motava-dark-bullet-icon-15 We’ve built interactive systems. These are systems with intense interface design elements designed for visitors to interact with through drag and drop elements, hover effects or other intuitive user experience elements.

motava-dark-bullet-icon-15 We’ve built community systems. Systems with commenting, social interaction, tagging, interlinking and more to create a cohesive online community around central themes.

motava-dark-bullet-icon-15 We’ve built account management systems. Accounts are created manually or automatically through an online form and our systems automate the process between the user’s account and you as the site owner. Our systems can send automated emails, generate information, simplify customer support headaches, and help you manage critical account data.


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