Bugzilla & Testopia

Bugzilla & Testopia


Motava’s Bugzilla with Testopia offers a popular open source bug tracking system and test case management system for VMware applications.

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Bugzilla 3.4.4 and Testopia 2.3

This is Bugzilla 3.4.4 integrated with Testopia 2.3. Bugzilla is probably the most popular open source bug tracking system currently available.

We have also integrated Testopia 2.3 into this build.Testopia is a Test Case Management Extension for Bugzilla.They integrate and work well together as a system.

 Upon checkout you will receive the download link which will be valid for a limited time.

VMware Appliance Details

Operating System: Ubuntu Server 9.10
Apache: 2.2.12
MySQL: 5.1.37
Bugzilla: 3.4.4
Testopia: 2.3

Hard Drive Allocation: 30GB
Memory (RAM): 512MB
Network: Bridged (DHCP)

Login Info

System Login: bugzilla
System Password: changeme

Bugzilla Admin User: info@motava.com
Bugzilla Admin Pass: changeme