Nepenthes Appliance

Nepenthes Appliance



Nepenthes is a lower interaction honey pot VMware appliance like honeyd or mwcollect.

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Low Interaction Honeypot

Nepenthes is a low interaction honeypot like honeyd or mwcollect. Low Interaction Honeypots emulate known vulnerabilities to collect information about potential attacks.

Nepenthes is designed to emulate vulnerabilties worms use to spread, and to capture these worms. As there are many possible ways for worms to spread, Nepenthes is modular.

There are module interfaces to:

  • Resolve DNS Asynchronous
  • Emulate Vulnerabilities
  • Download Files
  • Submit the Downloaded Files
  • Trigger Events
  • Shellcode Handler

Login Info:

Username: root

Password: pass2cng


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