Squid Appliance

Squid Appliance



Motava’s SQUIDappliance is an HTTP Anti Virus scanning VMware application built to save bandwidth and protect your network.

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SQUIDappliance version 3.0


  • Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Server
  • VMware Tools
  • Squid 3.0.STABLE20-20091201
  • DansGuardian with ClamAV AntiVirus Scanning
  • SquidGuard 1.4
  • Webmin 1.490
  • Squid Cache Options: UFS 10GB
Save your company Bandwidth and at the same time protect them with full HTTP AntiVirus scanning. SquidAppliance 3.0 provides all this and more.

INCLUDES: Dansguardian Reporting!

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Upon checkout you will receive the download link which will be valid for a limited time

Login Information:

Username: squid3

Password: changeme

Webmin Access: https://IP_address:10000
Use the above login credentials to get into the webmin interface.


The Appliance is setup for DHCP, to change the appliance to use a static IP address, use the following instructions:

Edit the following file from the terminal:
sudo vim /etc/network/interfaces (enter in your password when asked)

Make sure iface eth0 inet static is present if you want to enter in a static IP address

Next, Change the Address, NetMask, Network, Broadcast and Gateway to match your network configuration. When you are finished, just hit ESC followed by :wq to save.

Interfaces example:
auto eth0
iface eth0 inet static

Restart your network to apply your settings.

sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart

Importing Appliance into an ESXi Server:

Install vmware converter first, found here

Launch vmware converter and select “Convert Machine”

Select Source type should be “VMware workstation…”

Browse to your .vmx file of the appliance and click next

Select Destination Type should be “VMware Infrastructure Virtual Machine”

Input your VMware Infrastructure server Details and click Next

If the name is correct for the VMware appliance, click next

Verify the destination location and click next

Change any Options if needed, then click Next

Click Finish to begin the Import.

Client Connection

Your client browsers will connect to the Squid appliance via port 8080 (Dansguardian). Once the traffic gets filtered with Dansguardian, it will then forward to the squid port. The squid port is only available through localhost.


SQUIDappliance version 3.1

This version of the Squid appliance does not contain webmin or DansGuardian. This is just a pure Squid Appliance.

What’s included:

  • Ubuntu Karmic 9.10 base Server OS
  • Squid 3.1 compiled from sources

Supports vmware server 1.x-2.x, ESX 3.x and 4.x, Workstation 5, 6 and 7, vmware player, vmware fusion Squid 3.1 Details:

  • Configured with 10GB Cache directory using aufs

Upon checkout you will receive the download link which will be valid for a limited time

 Vmware Details:

  • 30GB max Disk size
  • Default 512MB RAM
  • vmware tools installed

Ubuntu Karmic 9.10 Server Details:

  • All updates as of Nov 18 2009
  • Default Username: squid3
  • Default Password: changeme
  • SSH access is enabled