Link Building Campaigns

Link Building Campaigns

Your website, to be successful in Google’s ranks, must have links from other websites.


External links (also known as backlinks) are hyperlinks on websites that point to other websites that are separate from theirs (the opposite are called internal links).

Link building is Victor’s specialty. We surveyed one of our most successful link building campaigns and found they receive:

10.3 leads per month from our link building campaign.
From 276 built links in a high-tech industry.

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External links have a great effect not only on adding referral visits but on search rankings as well. In the eyes of search engine crawl robots, external links are a sign of your website’s reputation. A website with lots of backlinks from reputable sites is viewed as reputable as well, increasing site ranking. Pretty simple, but many dangers abound.

Backlink Dangers

Leaving your site in the hands of a link creator ignorant to the complexity and sensitivity of search engines’ red flags can be devastating to your site’s reputation. Questionable methods can get your site lowered in rankings or even completely suspended and removed from rankings for black hat SEO techniques! This even happens to large corporations.

Motava’s site optimization campaigns only build backlinks through reputable partner sites at a steady pace (an excessive number of links in a short period is also a red flag for spammy SEO activity).

Backlink Sources

We build links with all sorts of other websites. The exact sources depend primarily on your industry and your target audience. We NEVER automate our link building efforts and follow Google’s strict guidelines. Everything is done by hand through outreach and relationship building.

Just some of the link sources we target in our campaigns are:

  • Industry-based organizations and unions
  • Partner websites
  • Commenting on news publications, how-to/DIY sites, blogs and more
  • Community forum posting
  • Question and answer site postings (Yahoo!, Quora and others)
  • “Linkbaiting” (not as malicious as it may sound) through viral content
  • Your customer websites
  • Your vendor websites
  • Press releases
  • Article creation
  • Industry-based directories
  • Social Network Links (twitter, facebook, LinkedIn)

Each site owner we will contact must go through and pass our link qualification process which incorporates: relevancy, quality, reputation and potential for acceptance.

Backlink campaigns cannot be approached uniformly across all sites and industries. Motava site optimization packages will design an approach that is appropriate and effective in maximizing results!