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occ-chat-logo-smOnlineChatCenters Chat Software (OCC) is an online chat tool aimed to add interaction to any website. As an increasing volume of business relationships are determined to flourish by the website design, development and functionality of the parties involved, Motava Corporation has provided the most affordable live chat software for websites, with the most basic package being FREE.

Is it really free?

We cannot tell you how many times we hear this question. The reason is because so many other companies wish to lure customers into their pricing matrix with 30 day trials and other gimmicks.

Motava has chosen not to do this with OCC for the simple reason that having an online chat support service such as OCC should be an industry standard for all product or service websites and Motava desires that OCC be that standard.

For absolutely free, Motava offers OCC with all the basic features hosted to anyone interested in adding online chat interaction to their website.

What’s the catch?

Well, there really is not a catch; there are only some ad-driven chat windows which cover bandwidth cost for Motava and some additional enabling features which require more bandwidth; thus, requiring more cost. So, here’s the breakdown:

Two advertisements are placed in the chat window. And, the account holder has the very affordable option to turn those off by upgrading from a Free version to a Premium version for only $48 per year. But Motava makes this cost worthwhile.

It has included advanced reporting for the premium accounts, chat/email support with Motava for OCC, and a discounted rate of approximately 20% for all additional features.

Those additional scalable features include: Additional operator accounts at only $19 each per year, additional departments as low as $19 each per year. All accounts, free or paid, include our desktop windows application called OCC Agent Software, in addition to a hosted Knowledgebase/FAQ system integrated in your chat center.

How does it work?

The first step to getting started is signing up for an OCC account. Once complete and verified, the user then begins set up. OCC provides an easy Setup Wizard for getting started which will walk the user through the following steps:

  • Create First (free) Department
  • Create First (free) Operator
  • Upload your own custom or Select a pair of pre-designed Online/Offline Support Icons
  • Upload Company Logo
  • Generate HTML code which will be copied and pasted into the user’s website.

Once the code is placed on the website, it will pull from OnlineChatCenters the account status (online or offline).

Next the user will download the OCC Agent Software. Once installed, he will enter his account number, operator login and password, this will be immediately monitoring the traffic on his website. Depending on his status selected, his website will display the offline or online icon.


Motava Corporation is an advocate of affordability and low overhead for any company. Motava also believes that by using online development, it can bring to market products that can be ultimately super affordable because of the reach magnitude the internet offers.

Most of all, Motava aims to set an industry standard that all product or service websites provide online chat service centers.