Content strategy

Content Strategy

If you were to pick one element of websites that is regularly overlooked, it’s arguably also the most important.


  • What good is functional web development if the visitor is interacting with functionless words?
  • How effective is an attractive web design if it contains ugly content?
  • How can search engine optimization make sense if the copy doesn’t make cents (or, preferably, dollars) in converting visitors to customers?

The answers are it’s no good, ineffective and makes no sense without the meat of a website: 

Content is the most important element of digital marketing.

How we Strategize Content Copywriting

Our content copywriting is approached with careful strategy and planning stemming from the discovery phase and keyword research to write content that is highly searched, popular and meaningful.

In our discovery phase, we discuss your business in great detail, profiling your target audience and what information they’re looking for on sites like yours to create a cohesive content strategy. We look at what avenues they use most to find and view content, such as search engines, social media networks or blogs. We identify keywords that are useful to structure content around and identify content marketing and promotion opportunities through high quality industry-related sites in our link building campaigns.

Our content copywriting services are optimized for engaging readability to lead to conversions, not for arbitrary and outdated numbers like keyword density as many SEOs promote. If your SEO copywriter uses the phrase “keyword density,” run. Far away.

Click-Hungry SEO Copywriting

All of the content we write is SEO-friendly, based on our geeky technical SEO copywriting checklist. We ensure all published SEO content is optimized with unique page titles, header tags, b tags, alt tags and click-hungry meta descriptions.

Content Strategy Methodology

Content development can be broken down into 7 sequential phases.

We offer various levels of integration that depend upon our expertise within the industry and our client’s availability to incorporate themselves in the process:

  1. Discovery – The process of discussing opportunities with the client for content topics found through consultation, keyword research, link campaigns, social media and/or other venues.
  2. Identification – We identify a theme or topic for the content with the client.
  3. Research – We go through a research process to ensure the content we create is factually accurate and complete.
  4. Creation – The phase where we write the copy and find relevant imagery for the topic. We may also add audio, video or interactive elements to the content.
  5. Review – Once the content is prepared, we review it with the client for approval.
  6. Publish – Once approved in the review phase, we publish the content to your site and ensure it is internally optimized and linked to.
  7. Promote – We promote the content as viral media through social bookmarking and other appropriate publication avenues.

Content Creation Packages & Levels of Integration

Some topics are outside of our scope of knowledge and the possibility of us writing intelligently for these markets is simply not feasible. We’ve worked with many highly-technical and complex industries and have been able to integrate our content creation services at many levels of the content strategy process.

Full Service Content Creation

Full service content creation incorporates us fully into writing the content when we identify that we are capable of the content without technical assistance through basic research.

The process of full service content drafting incorporates all 7 phases outlined above:

 Discovery  >  Identification  >  Research 

 Creation  >  Motava Review  >  Publish 


We create the idea of your content for a blog post, basic web page or article and make it into a successful reality.

Segmented Content Creation

Segmented content creation involves less integration and we only help with certain phases of the content creation process. We’ll identify this situation and find a solution to get you the best bang for your content’s buck. Whether this means working with a marketing specialist within your industry or helping you with just review and optimization, we’ll ensure your content is optimal and ready for eyeballs.

Segmented content creation can come in many different flavors, removing specific phases from the full content development process:

We may help you in discovery and identification but not in research and creation. In this scenario, we review the content and optimize it before publishing:

 Discovery  >  Identification  >  Motava Review & Optimization  >  Publish  >  Promote 

In another scenario, we may just optimize, publish and promote your content:

 Motava Review & Optimization  >  Publish  >  Promote

Or we could simply attractively style the design of and publish your content without review or promotion, for what we call content insertion.

Whatever level of integration you require, Motava can provide a package to help you get your content online and noticed.