Business technology

Business technology

We’ve built a few custom software applications to help drive the critical functions of your business.

Take a look at some of our business technology tools below.

Squid Reporting

Motava Squid Reporting Appliance is a simple and feature rich Squid Reporting server all bundled into a vmware appliance to …
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Bugzilla & Testopia

BUGZILLA & TESTOPIA Motava’s Bugzilla with Testopia offers a popular open source bug tracking system and test case management system …
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S.A.F.E. Appliance

SAFEappliance Motava’s VMware application, SAFEappliance, is our most popular VMware product, providing an unparalleled snort analysis front end to snort …
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Nepenthes Appliance

NEPENTHES vmware APPLIANCE 2.0 Nepenthes is a lower interaction honey pot VMware appliance like honeyd or mwcollect. Sorry! Online purchasing …
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Keyword Highlighting Tool

keyword highlighting tool

A simple little tool to search and highlight multiple keywords in any URL or copy & pasted text. Originally built by Janos Gyerik with some functions added by us. Very useful for content creation, keyword density (pardon our French) & SEO copywriting.



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