Link: Why do you still have a cheap-looking, homemade website?

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Andy Sernovitz knows what he’s talking about:

“It’s amazing to me that companies that will spend $5,000 on a brochure will freak out at the same price for a website that will be seen by 1000x more people. All of your sales effort, all of your marketing, all of your credibility is wasted when the ready-to-buy prospect sees a cheap site. It makes you look untrustworthy.”

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Having a professionally done website really makes a world of difference. The quality of people/companies signing up for OnlineChatCenters for us has increased exponentially once we launched the redesign of our site, not just our core service. The proof is in the pudding and our change in image has had quite an improved effect on our reputation and users.


This post was written by Victor Bilandzic