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MobiClient 2.18 Released – New Platform

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MobiClient 2.18 has been re-released on our new text messaging platform.

Previously, MobiClient was using SMTP to send messages, but with popular carriers dropping support for SMTP-sent text messages, not all cell phones were available.

With the new update, messages are guaranteed to be delivered, regardless of the network. In addition, certain features have been released.


Usernames – @username

Each text message delivered no longer displays the username as an email as it did before :

Now the messages are delivered in this format @username

The usernames are not required when a phone replies to a MobiClient user.

When adding a new contact to MobiClient, there is no longer a requirement to enter the contact’s cell phone carrier. You can also block a phone number from contacting you.


Add contact in MobiClient


Forward Messages to Phone

The new MobiClient also allows you to have messages received to the software forwarded to a cell phone number. This new feature is available in MobiClient Plus, replacing the old custom outbound domain name feature.


Mobiclient - Forward text message to phone




MobiClient’s pricing has not changed with these updates. They remain the same as before:

MobiClient Plus: Ad-Free, CSV upload/download, forward replies to phone, 1-time fee. $19.99

Reply-to-Mobi Feature: Have recipients reply to your MobiClient SMS Messages, 1-time fee. $19.99


Ability to Broadcast your SMS to 3 recipients at once, 1-time fee $9.99

Ability to Broadcast your SMS to 10 recipients at once, 1-time fee $19.99

Ability to Broadcast your SMS to 20 recipients at once, 1-time fee $29.99

Ability to Broadcast your SMS to 80 recipients at once, 1-time fee $99.99


100 Anytime Additional Messages $4.99

200 Anytime Additional Messages $7.99

300 Anytime Additional Messages $9.99

600 Anytime Additional Messages $19.99

1,000 Additional Anytime Messages $29.99


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