Squid Appliance Version 3.1 is now available

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We are happy to announce the immediate availability of our Squid VMware appliance version 3.1.

This version of the Squid appliance does not contain webmin or DansGuardian. This is just a pure Squid Appliance.


Here are the details of what’s included:

  • Ubuntu Karmic 9.10 base Server OS
  • Squid 3.1 compiled from sources

Supports vmware server 1.x-2.x, ESX 3.x and 4.x, Workstation 5, 6 and 7, vmware player, vmware fusion

Squid 3.1 Details:

  • Compiled with NTLM, LDAP, NCSA, SASL support
  • Configured with 10GB Cache directory using aufs

Vmware Details:

  • 30GB max Disk size
  • Default 512MB RAM
  • vmware tools installed

Ubuntu Karmic 9.10 Server Details:

  • All updates as of Nov 18 2009
  • Default Username: squid3
  • Default Password: changeme
  • SSH access is enabled


Visit our VMware page for details and download information. All of our vmware appliances are donation based as this helps us support continued VMware appliance development.