The Return of the Power of the Public?

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A couple people have asked me what web 3.0 will entail or what the wave of the future will be for web apps and online businesses. If I knew I’d be working on getting filthy rich by now, of course, but my I’m leaning towards it entailing integration of other components with software and the web other than computers. The iPhone and Kindle are both examples of the first generation of this stuff in my opinion.

But this post is not about WHAT is coming. It’s about HOW it will be paid for. Paul Kedrosy of Ventures West and TechCrunch have been covering some subtle shifts in the methods startups are using to raise capital, away from venture capital and back to IPOs. Surely, the upswing of markets will help shift even more to this strategy. Kedrosky says all it will take is one big player to file for an IPO before an avalanche of tech IPOs comes crashing down the mountain.

Signs seem to be slowly pointing in that direction:

Yelp turns down $500+ million dollars from Google
ReachLocal filed for a $100 million IPO yesterday
Canadian communications company Mitel files for $230 million IPO today


This post was written by Victor Bilandzic