Why Google+ Matters and How to Set up your Profile

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This post is divided into 3 parts: The Basics, The Guru’s Corner and Further Reading.


Edit 1/10/2014: Read the addendum – Upgrade to Google+ from Google Places


The Basics: What is Google+ and Why do I need it?


Google Plus is something that has been somewhat forced upon all Google Account holders. It received some criticism for getting into the crowded social space when first released but now, holy cow, it matters for your business. Google is actively converting their Places / Local listings to Google+. It is crucial for your online presence that you claim your business listing. Remember, we’re talking about your Business page on Google+ and not your personal account!

No one but a handful of engineers at Google knows for sure how their search algorithm works but many SEO gurus and digital marketing platforms have tested correlation to come up with what you need to focus on to be successful in the search results. Here is a graphic of the results:




So…Google+ has been found to be the most important factor after Page Rank (Page Authority is Moz’s estimation of Page Rank), correlating more than sites that link to your site, facebook, twitter and LinkedIn.

If that’s not enough reason to get your business on Google+ now, try doing a search for your company name and take a look at the right hand side. See anything there? A fully set up Google+ profile will show tons of data – logo, address/phone, map, hours of operation, reviews, recent news, directions and more!

If you don’t see anything, try searching for a large company like Ford or HP

If I haven’t convinced you to get a Google+ page for your business, then just go ahead and close this window.

If I have convinced you, read on to find out how to set one up or get in touch with us to help you out.


The Guru: Add or Claim your Business on Google+


  1. First, search for your business here: https://currents.google.com/
  2. Hit People and Pages

If you popped up, someone has already set it up. Look for the verified symbol

If you did not pop up, go to : https://www.google.com/maps/

Google Plus Verified Local Business

Type your company name in the search bar (you may also need to include city and state)

Did you pop up now? If so, click the listing / company name on the left. You should see the listing pop up on the map. Click more info on the map listing.

Once you do that, click Manage this page on the Google+ page that pops up.


Google Places Claim Listing

Click to View Larger Image


Manage This Listing

When you see this button, click it!


What if you did not pop up at all?

Just to check fully whether or not you are on Google+, go to www.google.com and type google plus yourcompanyname

Click any listing result to see if it’s the right NAP (name, address and phone). If it is, click Manage this page on the Google+ page that pops up.

Hit the Edit my Business Information radio button and continue through the prompts to verify your business by phone or postcard.

If you’ve found no results thus far, add your business through this page:



Make sure to visit Motava’s Google+ page to connect with us and get your first follower!

Further Reading

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Why Every Marketer Now Needs a Google+

Most important excerpt:

“Google+ posts have SEO benefits unlike other social platforms.” That means get active on Google+ and start posting updates on a regular basis!