About the Site

Biotium is a biotechnology e-store that had a relatively new website but desperately needed a revamp for usability and scalability. The old website was not responsive for mobile devices, put forth a feature-less homepage and had a complex and redundant category structure and duplicate product pages. The old design theme was also incompatible with software updates, leading to a clunky set of “band-aids” holding the entire website together.

Motava began by approaching the project from a revamp of the entire product catalog. The old website had 229 product categories. Some categories were located 5 levels deep from the top category, requiring 7 clicks to get to a product page in some extreme cases. New categories were brainstormed, mapped out and redirected, leading to a final count of 67 categories, all accessible through the main menu.

Biotium also had a product database of 1575 products. Many of these products were similar, leading to duplicate content issues and difficult navigation. We were able to group similar products together, shrinking this product catalog down to 789 products. At the same time, we launched a new line of 725 products in a new category in parallel with the old website.

This new website features a rich homepage, new distributors pages and newly designed technology pages. The streamlined and UX-optimized product and checkout pages have an easier purchasing experience, featuring a custom-built wishlist feature. The entire user database and payment/order processing is fully integrated with SAGE ERP.

Site Features

– Custom, responsive design for all pages
– WordPress Content management system
– WooCommerce web store management
– Custom SAGE ERP plugins
– Predictive search
– 301 redirects for SEO

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