LCP Medical

About the Site

LCP Medical Technologies™ company utilizes state-of-the-art technology to develop products to help protect people from airborne and fluid-born pathogens. LCP Medical’s PathoGen™ filters were designed to help block and destroy pathogens, like COVID-19. This filter is used in their growing mask and respirator product portfolio.

Motava approached the E-commerce based website to be both easily navigated and the checkout process to be simple. Motava focused on designing a clean and visually striking appearance to complement the user experience (UX). The new website renders quickly and beautifully on desktop and mobile devices. The custom landing page elements, simple call-to-action buttons, easily digestible content (and SEO friendly), and product areas were designed and developed to appeal to medical professionals, investors, and retail visitors.

Built on the scalable WordPress CMS and WooCommerce platform, the new website ensures that it can grow exponentially with the company’s new technology and product offerings.

Site Features

– Custom, responsive website design
– WordPress content management system
– WooCommerce integration
– SEO friendly architecture
– Custom page templates
– Backend customization for future content additions
– Stripe© payment processing

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