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Roger D. Cummings - Roger is a real estate agent in Campbell, CA.

Sun Enterprise Website

Genmark Automation - Genmark is a global leader in factory and tooling automation solutions.

  • Free chat support software


    More affordable live chat software.
    With OCC, "chat is cheap!"

  • ip notification app


    Simple, dynamic IP change notification software.

  • Bugzilla 4.0

    Motava's VMware: Bugzilla 4.0

    Now available: Bugzilla 4.0 Appliance



MotavaOur services include web design, development and site optimization.

We maximize web presences for our clients through attractive custom designs, interactive functionality and site optimization campaigns.

Our team of web professionals works with your goals and industry in mind through the entire website creation process. Beginning with an initial discovery session, we outline a site’s needs through a strict set of criteria. For each site, our web design process begins with a blank canvas ending with a unique and final template. To each design, a custom-coded content management system (CMS) is integrated during the web development phase, designed to work specifically for your website's special look, feel, and functionality. Once the site is live, we offer custom-tailored website optimization and marketing packages through compelling content creation and link-building campaigns to drive qualified traffic to your site.

Motava adds the much needed human touch to your company’s web presence.



Motava has developed a suite of tools for website interaction and network security.

Our most popular product is OnlineChatCenters, live chat support software that boasts a diverse set of features, powerful reporting and multi-platform support. Read more about live chat on the OCC product overview page.

Motava’s VMware applications, including our popular squid appliances, are widely used across the globe within thousands of networks; chosen for the minimal to no configuration required, the drop-in application solutions simplify network security.

VMware by Motava

Motava has made public several unique VMware appliance tools for the growing industry of virtual server-level computing.

Now Available! High-end Squid Reporting system for our popular Squid Appliance.

More about Motava's VMware

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