Squid Reporting

Squid Reporting


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Motava Squid Reporting Appliance is a simple and feature rich Squid Reporting server all bundled into a vmware appliance to ease the deployment into your network.


  • Rich web based application using PHP and YUI
  • Reporting (exporting to pdf and csv)
  • Searching
  • User Authentication
  • Bar and Pie charts

Includes Squid Version 3.0 Stable19
NOTE: This does not include DansGuardian

Appliance Info

  • OS: Ubuntu 10.04 Server Version
  • Squid 3.0 Stable 19
  • Webmin Version 1.510
  • Apache Version 2.2.14
  • PHP Version 5.3.2

Login Info

  • OS Username: squid
  • OS Password: motava
  • Webmin Username: squid
  • Webmin Password: motava
  • Squid Reporter Username: admin
  • Squid Reporter Password: admin

We have 2 different downloads available for purchase.

  1. .ovf version for ESX or ESXi installations
  2. vmdk version for vmware server 2.0 or vmware workstation 6.x +











  1. For ESX and ESXi, launch vSphere Client. From the menu, select File >> Deploy OVF Template. Choose Deploy from file and browse to the location where you extracted the archive, click next and verify the info. Click Next 2 more times, then finish to start the import process.
  2. For Vmware Workstation, Server or Player, extract the archive and from the menu select File >> Open and browse to the location where you extracted the archive and select the .vmx file.


  1. I imported the virtual machine into our inventory and started the squid appliance up, but I do not see an eth0 interface.This is common with vmware and the Ubuntu OS. To fix this, from the terminal, remove the following file:
    #sudo rm -fr /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules and reboot.
  2. Can I add more than 1 user to the Squid Reporting Interface?Currently you can only add 1 admin user.
  3. How old is the data on the Dashboard page?Data on the dashboard page is 24 hours
  4. How can I access Webmin?You can access Webmin by going to (replace with your real IP address). Login using username squid and password motava
  5. How can I contact you for support?Please send us an email through our contact form.