Body Restoration Clinic

About the Site

The Body Restoration Clinic is not your traditional physical therapy clinic. As a clinic using a little known physical therapy technique, Bowentherapy, the site must deliver basic, concise information to site visitors explaining the process and what happens in a typical visit to Sean Wolf’s office.

The flow of the site goes from explaining what body restoration is with some subtle imagery of typical techniques used in a client session, to how the process is applied and finally triggering visitors looking for relief from their particular ailments, individual targeting, and how Body Restoration can help them.

With an additional blog integrated, Sean can constantly update the site with new findings or little known body therapy techniques. In addition, Sean is fully certified as a teacher for the unique therapy to prospective students. With site registration, the potential students can find all the information they want from a few pages.

Client Testimonial – taken from Google+


Site Features

– Logo redesign
– Custom website design
– Content management system with mPanel
– Blog integration
– Unique landing page elements manager

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