Director of Content

Director of Content

Director of Content

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This position is available on a full-time, salary basis or contract basis (with no specific end date) depending on fit and experience. Being local and able to work from our San Francisco office is desired. However, we will consider all applicants and invest as required for top talent.

We’re looking for a director of content / content marketing (primarily digital content).

You’ll be responsible for producing and procuring content for our various digital marketing clients.

You’ll work closely with other team members. Your efforts will be tied in with design, development, SEO, social media, link building, email marketing, and paid search.

Below is a list of responsibilities we need (primary) and responsibilities that would be helpful (secondary). You’ll be working on multiple projects at any given time so time management and being self-driven is a must.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Creates/produces (writes) or procures (hires/manages an expert – client or contractor) content for various online placements including client websites, blogs, ad copy, press releases/publications, emails, etc. as needed. Writing approaches and tones include but not limited to informational longform blog posts, formal press releases, Q&A for public outlets, landing pages, and sales copy.
  • Discusses topic ideas with clients (when needed) through email, phone, and/or in-person meetings.
  • Drafts SEO meta data (page titles and meta descriptions, primarily).
  • Develops topical recommendations and outlines to capitalize on new opportunities.
  • Works with other team members to assist with keyword research, competitor analysis, and community monitoring.
  • Analyzes and revises content for consistency, accuracy, and styling guidelines.
  • In addition to basic proofreading and editing, enhances content to maximize the content’s purpose with styling, media, and impactful statements.
  • Builds or assigns the placement of content on digital mediums including but not limited to webpages, blogs, social media, and email marketing software.
  • Usability & bug testing of content.
  • Manages designers & developers to assist with content design.
  • Works with development & managers to tie in analytics & performance metrics.
  • Helps create digital strategy with other team members.
  • Stays current on best practices.
  • Critical comprehension and attention to detail — the first sentence of your application should tell us something fun about yourself — a hobby or interesting fact. Important for bonus points. And that’s why it’s buried in this list. =]

Secondary Responsibilities

  • Assists with brand strategy.
  • Prepares content purpose definitions.
  • Social media account management (not necessarily needed).
  • Update websites through content management systems, most commonly WordPress.

Desired Skills & Experience

  • Required: Minimum 2 years of experience in a related role with experience in writing for the web.
  • Beginner to Expert level proficiency with Google Analytics.
  • Basic HTML understanding.
  • Intermediate to Expert proficiency with WordPress page/post drafting (and other content management systems).
  • Intermediate to Expert proficiency with MailChimp (or other similar email marketing platforms).
  • Strong written & verbal communication skills.
  • Excellent grammar, writing, editing/proofreading and communication skills.
  • Ability to adapt/change writing style to appeal to different target audiences and brand approaches.
  • Strong research skills and enthusiasm to learn new topics.
  • Familiarity with SEO.
  • English fluency required.
  • Ability to work independently and in a collaborative environment.
  • Bachelor’s degree required.

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